Alexa Voice Service Agreement

“Third-party service” refers to all capabilities of Alexa or other services or applications provided by a third party and which we make available to you for use on or via Alexa. 2.1 Third-party services. If you use a third-party service, we can exchange related information with that service, z.B. Your zip code, if you ask for the weather, your custom music stations, information about your ancillary products or the content of your requests. Your use of a third-party service is subject to this Contract and all third-party conditions applicable to that third-party service. You`ll find some of these third-party conditions in the Legal Notes section of your Alexa app, or you may be linked to your Alexa app and be updated from time to time. If you do not accept third-party terms for a third-party service, do not use this third-party service. If you use a third-party service, you are responsible for all the information provided to the third party. Amazon assumes no responsibility for third-party services. Third-party service publishers can modify or adjust the functionality or functionality of their third-party service.

1.3 Contacts. Amazon regularly imports and stores your contacts to enhance your Alexa communication experience. Amazon uses information about your contacts and links, including the one you communicate with the most, to provide and improve our services. For example, we use this information to identify the most likely callers (z.B. if you ask “Alexa, call bill,” Alexa can better identify the invoice you want to contact). 4.7 Non-responsibility and limitation of liability. Without limitation of non-responsibility and limitation of liability in the terms of use and unless otherwise applicable, the total liability of our licensees or service providers is in no way greater than $50 (US$50) for claims arising from this Agreement or your use of Alexa. No sale of physical property; Prohibited products. You only transmit digital products, content and services that will be called or used in your software applications, games and alexa Skills as in-app products. As an in-app product, you will not present physical products or other products, content or services that must be provided or executed outside the software application, game or Alexa Skill (although the sale of digital content accessible inside and outside your software application, game or Alexa Skill is permitted) or contrary to program rules (including a list of prohibited in-app products that we set up).

The restrictions in this section do not limit your use of the Amazon Mobile Associates API (defined in the Amazon Mobile Associates calendar). Amazon`s fees. If you have a list price of $9.99 or less in a developer-hosted PC game/software, Provide products, content or services using the program with the exception of an in-app product (“Developer-Sold Items”), you pay us a fee equivalent to 30% of the gross revenue you receive from the sale of these items sold by the developer to end users who purchased or viewed the pc/software game hosted by developers through the program (“Amazon`s Fee”).