Amazon prime filme downloaden im ausland

Amazon Prime Video has a huge library of shows and movies, however many of these are restricted by the country or region you live in. A VPN is a popular means of bypassing these geographical restrictions and opening up the wider Amazon Prime library. Using a VPN allows you to watch shows from other country catalogs or connect to your home version of Amazon Prime when traveling abroad. Sinnvoll könnte dieser Weg eventuell für deutsche Prime-Kunden sein, die sich gerade im Ausland aufhalten, und dort – zum Beispiel wegen Geoblockings – keinen Zugriff auf haben. Für Filmfans mit Prime-Abo bei wäre es daher eine tolle Sache, einfach auch auf die Film- und Serien-Bibliothek der ausländischen Prime-Video-Dienste zuzugreifen. Immerhin kann sich jeder deutsche Amazon-Nutzer mit den Zugangsdaten seines normalen Accounts direkt auf jeder internationalen Amazon-Webseite einloggen, ohne sich dort separat als neuer Kunde registrieren zu müssen. Nordvpn doesn’t work on amazon firetv as of 10 jun if you are overseas. When using NordVPN through any U.S. server you cannot access They are aware of this.

However, per their suggestion, I was able to access by connecting through a Canadian server. I barely comment on sites, but after reading the comments, I can’t help it. People, what are you talking about? I had only good experience with Nord’s customer support. If you can’t find a working server with amazon – contact their staff through the live chat, I got help in a minute this way. If you’re lazy to talk, just try one of Canada’s servers, it should work. Note that Amazon is a bit confusing in how Prime users access videos. You can find TV shows and movies from the main Amazon website and watch from there, or access them from We had better luck going through Amazon, but if your VPN doesn’t work for one, just try the other. VPN hasn’t been working on Nord for at least a week. I didn’t install the latest update, but my husband did. Neither of us can get Prime on our computers.

He called Nord and got the usual runaround about going to this page and that page, downloading this and that. There is no chatting with Nord and just getting a simple list of a few servers to try and they seldom update the list.