Chile Free Trade Agreement Form

The free trade agreement between the United States and Chile does not require a specific certificate. They may be invited by Chile`s importer or national customs service to provide information in support of a request for preferential treatment. For more information on what is expected to be contained, please see the certificate-of-origin free trade agreements. Free-form certification of Chilean and U.S. importers can be used as an alternative to the original certification model when they invoke compliance with the Chilean Free Trade Agreement. Chile`s Free Trade Agreement (CLFTA) came into force on 1 January 2004. Under the agreement, most Chilean products arrive duty-free in the United States and Processing Fee (MPF) and virtually all have entered free of charge until its full implementation in 2015. For more information on ACl-FTA, please see the following links. You will find a link to the Portable Document (PDF) format of this form below. The content of the form is duplicated in HTML via the PDF link.

Case 3: when a manufacturer provides the full legal name, address (including the country) and legal tax identification number, as defined in box 1, of that manufacturer. If more than one manufacturer is included in the certificate, include “Divers” and attach a list of all manufacturers, including their legal name, address (including country) and legal tax identification number referring to goods or goods described in box 5. If you want this information to be confidential, it is acceptable to say “Available at customs on request.” If the producer and exporter are the same, full field with “SAME.” If the producer is unknown, it is acceptable to say “UNKNOWN.” This publication contains changes to HTSUS, duty phase-out Schedule and other important information. The U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA) came into force in 2004 and all qualified products are duty-free as of January 1, 2015. To be treated duty-free under free trade agreements, products must comply with applicable rules of origin. The free trade agreement also provides favorable access to the United States.